The publisher of the website is the French company "Medical Paradise Equipement", based in France, Villepinte.

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21 Avenue de la liberté , 93420 Villepinte
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Allagui Alaeddine (PDG)
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The website is hosted by the company PLANETHOSTER, based in Laval (grand Montréal), Québec, Canada.

·       What kind of data do we collect?

Last name, First name, Full postal address, Telephone and E-mail.

·       Why do we collect this information?

The information Last name, First name, Full postal address, Telephone and E-mail are necessary for the delivery of the products in our catalogue and for the proper follow-up of your order.


The IP addresses of all our visitors are recorded in order to identify potential malicious users and fraudsters. Cookies are placed on your computer by the website in order to improve your user experience on it.

For example, thanks to Cookies, you can connect to your customer area without having to re-enter your password.

These cookies also allow us to perform advertising targeting.


Geolocation is enabled for statistical and market research purposes.  

·        Who has access to this information?

MEDICAL PARADISE EQUIPEMENT staff have access to your information in a private and secure administration with a user account and password in order to prepare and track your orders.

The following subcontractors also have access to our administration for maintenance purposes:

The ABOUTYOU&CO web agency based in Paris.

·       With whom do we share this information? 

Your email addresses, surname, first name and phone number:

Your email addresses are imported into our Emailing software published by the Company PRESTASHOP, based in 12 Rue d'Amsterdam, 75009 Paris, in order to allow us to send you informative or promotional mailings. PRESTASHOP does not share your email addresses and does not use them to send you emails that are not related to MEDICAL PARADISE EQUIPEMENT.

An external chat tool "
Crisp" is used to facilitate your contact with our company.



IP, Cookie and Geolocation:
Un outil de statistique « Google Analytics » est installé sur notre site afin de nous permettre de connaitre le nombre de visiteurs sur notre site web et d’autres informations utiles à la compréhension de notre marché et à la compréhension de l’utilisation de notre site web par nos visiteurs.


A statistical tool "Google Analytics" is installed on our site to allow us to know the number of visitors to our website and other information useful for understanding our market and understanding the use of our website by our visitors.

Other informations:

Other informations (Surname, First Name, Full Postal Address, Telephone) is not shared with third parties.  

How do I view, correct or delete my data? 

You can consult the personal data in your customer area by following the link:  

For any modification or deletion of your data, do not hesitate to contact us by email on or by using our contact forms.